Thursday, August 18, 2011

change in giving info

I am now affiliated with Mountain Movers International!  Fellowship is still my sending organization but my support will just be handled by MMI.  We all think this will be much easier and less confusing for supporters.  I am so grateful to be blessed by this ministry of love- they give 100% of donations directly to the missionary!   Here's a little more info about them and how my giving information has changed.  

Mountain Movers International is a non-profit, non-denominational ministry.  They serve missionaries/ministries around the world that are focused on God's kingdom work.  For each ministry, they keep track of the various contributions, receipt and thank the donors, and inform the people in the field of donations received.  They serve as the back office for authentic grass roots "boots in the field" ministries.  First and foremost, they are "field driven".  It is the entrepreneurial missionary in the field that they are supporting.  They do not take any percentage from the funds received, and there are no service fees.  MMI is a public foundation that is "donor controlled" rather than "donor advised".  That means they are not only morally obligated to ensure that the funds get to the intended project, but they are legally required to ensure it.  It is the law as well as a sacred trust, and they take it very seriously.  They depend on general donations from individuals, churches and corporate donors to cover their administrative expenses.  

At this point, you may begin supporting me through MMI.  All checks must be made payable to Mountain Movers International with my name listed on the memo line.  You will receive a receipt for you donation along with an envelope for your next donation, should you choose to give monthly.  For convenience, online donations may be made through their website  Please note that PayPal does deduct a small fee.  For all online donations, be sure and include my name in the memo portion.

Also, just a sidenote...I'm leaving in 11 days!!  Even though saying goodbyes is sad, I'm getting super excited!

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