Thursday, December 1, 2011

Don't watch Grey's before bed...

I made the horrible mistake of watching Grey's Anatomy before I went to sleep last night.  Although, it was not a particularly gruesome or gory episode- just the one where Izzy's mom comes because she has cancer (for you avid Grey's fans out there).  I even buffered it with a little X-Factor before going to sleep...but this did not protect my dreaming-mental state.  I had the wildest dream that someone who I'm pretty sure was Owen (on Grey's) was performing surgery on me- on my bed.  I was wide awake and apparently felt nothing as he continued to pull things out of my body and lay them on my bed.  I was appalled that he was getting blood all over my quilt that my mom made me and kept thinking of ways I could wash it out.  However, Owen's surgery was unsuccessful and he told me he "didn't want to kill me so he was going to take me to San Jose."  At the time I thought he meant California.  We got on a Mexican style mini-bus and headed for San Jose, but the bus driver said we couldn't go there.  And that's the end...but then I had a second dream that I was thinking about the previous dream and how weird it was and that I should write on my blog about it.  SO STRANGE, RIGHT?  I know.  But what's even stranger is that I was telling Cati about my funny dream this morning and she says, "You know that San Jose is actually a hospital here, right?"  I had no idea!!  What a creepy dream and sequel dream.  I felt that because I dreamed about writing it on my blog, I had better do it.  And, I'm just slightly bored at the moment, so I hope reading this has been as entertaining for you as it was for me to write it.

In other news, I'LL BE IN THE STATES IN T-13 DAYS!  And arriving in Arkansas December 20th!  Can't wait to be home and start the Christmas celebrations with family friends.  So excited that today is the beginning of December! I was feeling crafty last night and made advent-envelope calendars for my family here and some friends too!  Don't you just love advent calendars?  Gives you something to look forward to each day and with sweets it's a great reminder of the sweetest gift that's ever been given- sweet baby Jesus! Hope you are already having fun celebrating...and don't forget...DON'T WATCH GREY'S BEFORE BED!  Don't say I didn't warn you.

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