Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It was such a looonngg day at the good ol' Interior Fabrics.  Sara and I successfully assembled 5 lamps and a chair and we did a lot of much needed cleaning in the back.  But the snow tonight makes a long day of work totally worth it!  It is so pretty!  I just hope it keeps snowing and we have to stay in tomorrow...even though I am looking forward to babysitting the Plummer cuties tomorrow morning.  :)

Tonight Natalie and I have switched from our favorite Wii game of Mario Bros. to the Wii fit.  We should do this more often.  My Wii fit age was 40 and Nat's was 39.  And I'm not even going to tell you what our BMI's were!  HA!

For some reason lately I have been thinking about moving to Atlanta...anyone have any thoughts or words of advice?  more tomorrow...

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  1. Good luck in the blogging world my fellow Razorback! I'm still trying to work into it as well. Well, you now have a new follower :) Hope you have a great New Years!