Monday, October 8, 2012


This last weekend we had our annual El Camino women's retreat...and it was fabulous!  I was looking back on the retreat last year about this same time.  I had only been here in Puebla about a month and my Spanish was still pretty rough, which made the weekend very overwhelming and exhausting!  Not only was it much easier to understand this year but I could relax and enjoy it even more.  It was a great weekend away and some great time in the Word.  Here's just a taste of what God had to teach us this weekend...

Does it seem like there are impossible things, situations, people, etc. in your life?  I know there are many things in my life that from my point of view and with the limited amount of knowledge I have, seem utterly impossible.  But for our God, NOTHING is impossible.  He can and will do whatever He likes!  For the Samaritan woman at the well, she thought Jesus was a crazy man talking about giving her living water... "Hello?? You don't even have anything to draw water out of this well with!  However, I do, and I can draw you water if you like."  Oh, how silly we can be.  For Sarah, she laughed at the thought of having a baby at 99 years of age.  God says, "What's the problem?"  It seems unreal to see a talking donkey, right?  Again, God says, "Easy!"  Sending your one and only son, who was perfect and without blame to die for the sins of everyone who will ever live, for all the darkness and evil in this world, so that He can have a relationship with such people, amazingly and astonishingly God says, "What's the problem? Done and done."  I'm pretty sure every single parent would say for them, that would be impossible.  But when we see things ahead (with our limited sight and minds) and think there is no way to get through it, God says, "What's the problem?  You're with me.  You can't see what I can see and you can't do what I can do.  Let me take control and have the driver's seat.  All you need to do is trust and obey me.  So, as I walk through times of unknowns and questions, worry and wanting answers, I am reminded that I have a God so much bigger than "my mountain" and though I cower below it, He stands over that mountain, looks at his child and says, "What's the problem?"

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