Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Club Neon

The day we had been waiting for...the kick off the ministry we have been working on all this time...FINALLY THE DAY CAME!!  Last Saturday night we had our Fiesta de Inauguracion de Club Neon, or our kick-off/launch party for our new children's ministry!  It was a mix of emotions (stress, nerves, excitement, anxiety) as we prepared to show all the families of El Camino what we have been cooking up.  And what a fiesta it was!!  We had a great turnout of families and I think everyone seemed to have a great time.  Everyone got a little preview of what was about to come...the very next morning!
Here's me and Nissi, one of our large group teachers, with our mascot, Sandy the ostrich.

Sunday we officially launched Club Neon!!  For the first day, everything went miraculously.  God has really taken care of all the details and put the right people in place for each and every area of the ministry.  We have more than 40 people currently serving in Club Neon, from small group coaches, to large group teachers, praise team, band and coordinators.  It is truly incredible to see how God has particularly gifted each person serving with the passion and skills that they need to do their part in serving the kids of El Camino.  I am so grateful that the Lord has all of this in His hands and under His control!  It was great to see these kids worshipping and experiencing the Bible together with their peers in a way they never had before.  Please continue to pray for us as we seek God's guidance in the next steps for the kids of El Camino.  I know He has great plans and I am so honored, blessed and excited that I get to see and witness what He's doing in Mexico.

{For some reason, I can't upload photos...if you want to see more photos from this weekend, check us out on facebookón}

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