Monday, January 30, 2012

o, rodrigo

3 weeks down and many, many, many more to go for Club Neon!  Starting a new ministry is challenging, stretching, enlightening, inspiring, beautiful and downright exhausting sometimes...but this experience has been one of the most amazing of my life.  In three short weeks, I have been hugely blessed by leaders, volunteers and kids.  Meet one of my favorite kids, Rodrigo.

Rodrigo is 6 and is part of (small group) team purple.  I will never forget meeting him the first day of Club Neon, he was soooo excited. His parents came to drop him off and he was just running around- almost gleefully.  Even sitting in his small group and talking with his coach, Angie, I noticed he could hardly sit still.  The next week, God blessed me with one of those little moments.  As I was running around from one end of the church to the next and back again, Rodrigo came through the main gates with his parents...once again, he was "gleefully" running, ready to split and bolt from his parents as he kept saying, "I'm going to Club Neon!  I'm going to Club Neon!  Bye Mom and Dad!"  And off he went.  It was just a moment but truly one of those where you see the beauty of the Lord in a small child.  I don't know about you, but I need moments like that, and God frequently uses them to redirect my eyes back to Him.  It's as if He's saying, "Slow down.  Take a minute to soak it all in.  Don't worry about the details and the schedule and the papers, leaders, music, etc....just stop and listen to the excitement in this kid's voice.  That's ME!  Remember, Caroline, it's all about ME.  And would you just take a second to look what I'm doing."  It's not in a mean tone or like a slap on the hand.  It's like a soft hand on your shoulder that turns you around with a grin and a chuckle because of your current state of "chicken with its head cut off" that He finds so silly.  I love it when He does that.  I don't think it's ironic at all that these moments in my life generally always come in the form of children.  For everyone it's something different, but I know that God has given me a passion for children for a reason, because HE speaks to ME through THEM.  Amazing.  And blows me away every time.  Beth Moore was riding my same train of thought this morning as I studied in my Patriarchs bible study...check out what she said.  (I think she's maybe one of the wisest women ever BTW...besides the one and only Mary Ann McIntyre, of course!)

"Among the things God surely must enjoy doing, He can choose to reveal Himself any way He wants.  His revelation doesn't have to make sense to us.  We don't have to worry ourselves to death trying to get the Hebrew sentence structure to work for us.  We don't have to debate it in seminaries (though we can).  And we don't have to automatically accept a brilliant scholar's attempt to take the mystery out of it.  God can reveal Himself through flames of fire from within a bush, through a water-gushing rock, through a commander of an army, or through a voice out of a storm.  If I may be so bold, I think He rather likes the variety.  So today why don't we just sit back and enjoy it?

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