Sunday, October 2, 2011

Got Brains?

Today...I ate brains or sesos in Spanish.  Yes, that's right, the brains of a cow.  Nicely disguised and deliciously flavored in a fried taquito which was served to me without knowing what I was about to eat.  But let me start from the beginning.

It was a special day at church today, sweet little baby Dana Haciel was dedicated before the church.  It was the sweetest baby dedication I have ever seen in my life.  After Hiram prayed over the baby and her parents, the mom, dad and 3 teenage sons sang a song that they had written for her.  It was precious!  I'm sure if I could have understand every word of the song, I would have been crying.  So, in typical Mexican fashion, such a celebration calls for a party!  And what a party it was!  First, I ate the brain taquitos.  Actually, I ate two before I knew what they were...but the shocker knowledge didn't stop me from eating two or three more.  They were delicious and you'd never know they were brains.  Who knows what's next for me?  Tongue?!?  They say it's quite good.  We'll see about that...  Of course it wouldn't be a Mexican feast without plenty of rice, nopales (cactus), tortillas, lots of meat and so much more.  And as with all meals, you must end with coffee and in special occasions, cake!  I am learning that it's very common to have jello with your cake here.  It's like a different version of the classic cake and ice cream combo; except I wouldn't advise having a mixed spoonful of jello and cake- gross!  We ended the party with several rounds of hilarious karaoke.  Ladies first, then the men, a couple of solos and then the boys finished it out as we were leaving.  It was so fun!  I think karaoke could be the key to learning spanish.

Another day, another party, another weird food that I have learned to like...I think I'm getting used to living in Mexico.  :)

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