Saturday, October 29, 2011

warm pajamas & peanut butter

Thanks to Beth, Becky and Dick, I now have enough warm pajamas to survive the winter and the Ramirez household has a plethora of peanut butter!  Having them here this last week was so fun!  It was food for my soul, and of course was a time filled with laughter, hilarious moments and immense blessing.  We spent our days in meetings- dreaming, planning and talking over ministry plans for the kids and families of El Camino.

But Thursday was a special the words of Beth it was....interesting.  Define for yourself what you think that might mean!  I have had my first taste at 'modeling'.  Diana, my co-worker at church, is also in cosmetology school in the afternoons.  Well, a couple of weeks ago, she told me she had a project and asked me if I would like to be her model.  Of course!!  I am so glad that Beth and Becky were here to experience this with me.  It was fun, hilarious, interesting, creative, some projects shocking and some just plain awkward.  I felt like I was a model on an episode of Project Runway or something.  Hair, make up, shoes, dress- the whole package had to be right and effectively display her creative theme based on the Tango.  I think she did a great job, but you can judge for yourself...and yes, those are real rose petals on my eyes.

Hope everyone is enjoying tastes, smells, sights and fun of FALL!  I really miss it-the beautiful trees and leaves, pumpkins and gourds decorating every front porch and kitchen table, little kids in (happy not scary) Halloween costumes (I have my fill of terrifying zombies and witches here), pumpkin bread and Fall parties.  BUT last week, I went over to the Glessner's (an American family that lives here) to enjoy a little pumpkin carving, apple cider and pumpkin bread!  It was a delicious taste of fall and I was so grateful for it!  Happy Fall Y'all!!

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