Monday, February 20, 2012

waiting on wednesday...

Alright, well....I did pretty good on the cleanse-diet...for the first two days.  The third day was a complete flop.  We had Esteban's birthday party on Saturday.  Who can say no to sushi and a mexican-choco-flan-with cajeta (like caramel) cake that I made myself?  Definitely not me!  So I only cheated at lunch but had great plans to continue on...then yesterday, we went to eat lunch at some friends' house. cream...cookies and cream ice cream! my favorite!...I clearly have no self-control but people, there was really no other option.  And now I am going to Chattanooga on Wednesday, so all the healthy groceries I bought are going to go bad.  I think this is what you call a complete flop.  Oh well...

I feel much more at peace knowing that I will be in Chatt soon with (parts of) my fam.  I just couldn't imagine being here without my family and getting the call that Bobba has passed.  I think I would have a completely embarrassing breakdown that would be unconsolable due to the lack of my family.  Can't wait to see my Meme!  (and of course my mom and Karen and whoever else may be there too.)  I received so many sweet texts and emails last week.  Some of them were the kind that make you go, "How on earth did they read my mind?"  I was really struggling with being so far away at a time like this and so many people said to me exactly, "I know it is hard for you to be so far away at a time like this."  Made me cry every time.  It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord works divinely in and through those around us.  Thanks for praying...thanks for the encouraging words...thanks for the love for me and my fam.  So thankful for the body of Christ that surrounds our family.  We are blessed and I am convinced that God can turn your "mess into a message" and your "test into a testimony."  

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