Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back to the factory

Well, the weekend was fun but on Monday I had to go back to the "factory" as Natalie calls it. It's only Wednesday and I have already been to the design center 3 times this week!! Once yesterday and TWICE today. Sometimes I don't understand why Mary makes the decisions she does but what Mary says, goes! Tuesday I set a new record for my latest night at work. I stayed until 8:00 working on things for a client meeting this morning...and poor Alex was waiting on me outside for a half an hour while I drew rug drawings- one rug that had a horse on it with some coordination of strawberries (it's really a mule but everyone calls it a horse and it's name is strawberry) and another with sunflowers and the client's wedding year. Very interesting requests, right? But once again, we do WHATEVER Mary asks.
Tonight I had dinner with my friend, Keeley, at Matchbox in Chinatown. It was really good! I had their signature sliders. Next time, I think I'll go for the pizza. (Keeley's looked yummy) Keeley is a ZTA (a year older than me) and I haven't seen her in over a year. It was good to catch up and see a familiar face. I even had enough time tonight to squeeze in some retail therapy at fave! And it's a Greatland-even better. I'm excited to debut my new bag I bought tomorrow. I had my eye on it last week and it was still there. You know I couldn't resist. Amazingly enough I made it there and back without getting lost. I'm getting the hang of this place. I'm even starting to get a pretty good grasp on the metro. I was so nervous on Monday because it was my first day on the metro the whole way with out Natalie. We usually take the first train together and then split and I take a different train by myself. But I figured it out and on Tuesday was feeling much more confident. And I definitely have the route to the design center down now. I never thought I would feel this way but I think I have had enough of that place for this week. The 3 times in one week (mostly two times in one day) can really make the design center lose it's appeal.
Wednesday has come and gone and we are over the hump! Look out Thursday and Friday because the weekend will be here before you know it! Natalie will get back Friday. Can't wait!

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