Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Day of the Epic Fumble

So day two was not nearly as bad as day one. I made up my mind last night that I don't care what Mary thinks about me or whether or not she really likes me. I just have to do the best job I can do for her and work as if working for the Lord. Which also meant toughening up a little bit (I'm still working on that part, haven't quite got it mastered yet). I figure just keep asking questions about how she wants things and if she gets frustrated by my questions then oh well! I would rather have that than her telling me a drawing is wrong and making me do it again and again. This plan worked well for the morning. I got smart today and brought my lunch, which I actually got to enjoy while doing...nothing! The best part of the day came around 2:00 this afternoon. Mary is having some remodeling/demoing done of her upper floors (she lives in the floors above the office) for a house guest that is coming in 2 weeks. In my day and a half at Drysdale, Inc. I have already become accustomed to the banging, sawing, hammering, etc. that comes from the little worker bees upstairs, who are tearing out walls and things of that nature. But at around 2:00 we heard the loudest crash you have ever heard in your life. Two of the other girls went running upstairs to make sure everything and everyone was alright. From two floors down, I can tell that something awful but hilarious has happened. A few minutes later, a distressed Megan (girl I work with), comes down and asks me, "Are you doing anything important right now?". I was just doing some drawings so I asked her what she needed. She then explained "The Epic Fumble". Upstairs, where Anna and I had been measuring bookshelves only moments before, and Thomas and his assistant had been working to remove and add walls every so diligently, there was a room covered in books! The wall that once had floor to ceiling and wall to wall wire shelving, housing about a million books and magazines had completely fallen off the wall. But to make matters worse, this had knocked the cap off the radiator which then spewed water all over the books and magazines. Thomas could have been trapped under all these books! Thank goodness he was okay...okay enough to somehow jump over the mound of books and couch and table, to get to the radiator and stop the spewing water. As hilarious as this was, it was not hilarious that for the next 2 hours Anna, Megan and I had to relocate and dry off all of the books. By the time we got this done, it was nearly time to go. We actually got out around 5:45. As hard as things may seems sometimes, this job gives great stories to tell. Who knows what the summer will bring?

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