Friday, June 19, 2009

It's been one of those weeks...

Obviously. Since I haven't had time to blog all week! Working for the Devil Wears Prada can really take it out of you. And by the way, she really does wear Prada! I saw her wearing some Prada jeans the other day and it was all I could do to hold in the laughter. Which is what I am forced to do 90% of the day. That or hold back the tears-from laughter or also frustration at times. All in all, this experience is good. I am starting to feel kind of bad for talking about my boss and how crazy she is or complaining about my job so much. But I can't keep the hilarious stories from y'all! You have to know the funny things that happen everyday, even though you will never understand how hilarious it truly is. Even when things are so horrible, the girls that I work with are so great that we can all laugh about it! So a quick overview of the week...

Monday, I don't even remember what happened other than Anna, Megan, Jodi (the girls I work with), Natalie and I went to dinner at Luna Grill. It was fun to hang out outside the office and talk about the funny happenings of the day. The big highlight of the week was the arrival of Mother Rytasha and her disciple. (They are staying in Mary's upstairs bedrooms for some unforeseen amount of time.) Since the first day I started working for Mary, there has been construction going on upstairs. All of this construction plus hours and hours of us moving furniture, books, etc., cleaning anything and everything, and overseeing the progress of painters, plumbers and contractors has all come down to this week. Wednesday night to be exact. So Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday were all a blur of dust and dirt and trips to the hardware store and CVS to prepare for this "holy lady, Mother Rytasha, and her disciple." I cannot even tell you about Mother Rytasha without feeling you need to google her and see for yourself. If you would like more information, I can share the pamphlets and DVDs with you that I have already received from her disciple. Just ask. I'm more than willing to share. :)
The rest of the week has been pretty smooth. It's been really funny to see other people interact with Mary outside of our little bubble of an office. We are all used to her and are prepared to react to anything and everything she says. I have observed a few run-ins this week where others in the "real world" don't really know how to react to Mary. I just smile knowlingly and usually feel the need to apologize. I just throw my hands up! haha
The only thing that's getting me through the tail end of this week is looking forward to the beach this weekend! Virginia beach is calling my name and I am coming gladly. It's time for some serious R&R.
Amidst all these funny stories and fun things I'm doing, the homesickness still comes in waves. I know the Lord will use this summer to change me in ways I can't even know right now. As always, I know that He is forcing me to rely on Him and trust Him alone. Why are we as humans so stubborn? Our Rock is right there just waiting for us to lean on him, instead I choose to FALL on him when I just can't stand up anymore. But thankfully He is still there and is just as loving. I am learning to praise Him in the good and praise Him in the hard times. All things are blessings and our God is matter how crazy Mary is!
"For who is God except the Lord? Who but our God is a solid Rock?" Psalm 18:31

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