Thursday, June 25, 2009

field trip to the smallest mansion on earth...and other updates.

Okay...where do we we start? I need to go back a few days and fill you in. Monday, I went on to a site visit with Mary to the Sealander residence. (Our two main projects we are working on are Sealander and Fant) They have a row house on Capitol Hill and have had Mary working on it for a long time now! Luckily, I was at the meeting Monday night and didn't leave work until 8:30 because the metro crash was that night. I wouldn't have been on that exact train but it wouldn't have been fun to be on the metro at all because they evacuated everyone and it was a big mess. Tuesday and Wednesday were all a blur, mostly centered around Mother Rytasha. Cleaning up after Mother Rytasha, letting Mother Rytasha use our computers, answering phone calls (on Mary's cell phone!) for Mother Rytasha, checking on Mother Rytasha, cleaning up for Mother Rytasha and making travel arrangements for Mother Rytasha to get to the airport. Whew! What a week of Mother Rytasha. If you haven't googled her by now, you should. Last night we even got to meet the Ambassador of Bolivia or somewhere (not sure?). He came to visit Mother Rytasha, so of course there was cleaning and preparing involved for such an important guest!

Today was by far the best day of the week, maybe even the summer thus far...not only because it's Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday, but because Megan, Anna and I got to take a "Drysdale-sponsored" field trip to the Fant farm in Maryland. The day began with Megan and Anna picking me up at my house around 8 and driving 2 hours out to the Fant-Middlekauf farm in Sharpsburg, MD, a.k.a. the middle of nowhere. We ended up spending 3 hours just waiting around at the farm. We saw the cows, went down to the pond, toured the stone house and the other brick house, took some pictures and just sat around. When Mary finally came down from meeting with the carpenter, we saw her long enough for her to ask us to go pick up lunch for her and Susan, bring it back and go back to the office. What a great road trip of a day that was!
Mary was out of the office on Friday which made for a pretty nice day. We had a lot of work to do but the girls and I had a fun day just us.
Saturday I worked on a Habitat for Humanity project. Nat organized the day of service for her office, however the group was mostly comprised of friends of chamber staff. It was a good day. It wasn't too hot and I got to install some stairs. Hard work but good experience! Due to the fact that we woke up at 6 to get there on time, the rest of the day was filled with napping. Until the night rolled around...about 9:00pm I decided I wanted to go out on the town. I hadn't been out yet in DC and I thought it was about time. So, I called up my friend from college, Keeley, and we made a plan. Long story short-this was one of the most interesting nights of my life. If you are ever in DC and want to go out, don't go to Town on 8th and U St....that is unless you are gay! I have never felt so out of my element but still had a good time. Going out in DC is much different than Fayetteville and I was quickly aware of that. I think it's going to be a while before I feel like going out again here! haha
Sunday, Nat, Alex and I hit McLean Bible Church for the 12:30 service. I really enjoy going there. As for the rest of the afternoon, I was in heaven-there was a Law & Order: SVU marathon all day!
We'll see what my fifth week in the city holds for me...

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