Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fabulous Friday

The first Friday in D.C. was even better than all the days before. Every day it keeps getting a little better. I'm starting to feel much more comfortable and much less intimidated by Mary. Today I got to go to the design center! It was the most amazing and overwhelming place I had ever been in my life. 7 floors of showrooms with the most beautiful fabrics, furniture, lighting and anything else you could ever need for design. I spent a good 5 hours there. Mary sent me to return fabrics and select some new options as well. I was just soaking it all in....and thoroughly enjoying not being in the office! haha I had to navigate the metro all by myself. I only know my little path to work and home (which I had better really know because Nat is leaving for Germany Saturday night and I will be on my own next week! yikes!) The girls at work helped me and I wrote down my directions and was set to go with suitcase (full of fabrics) in tow. I did so good on the way there. Didn't even flinch. On the way back...I got a little confused and got on the train going the wrong way. I figured it out at the first stop though and quickly switched trains. It's just so confusing. I'm having to adjust to this new system. I am so used to just getting in my car and driving and knowing exactly where I am going all the time. I will probably get the hang of all this by the end of July, when it's time to go home! After work, I met Natalie at the metro and we headed into Chinatown to meet Borris, Stacy, Clark Nickell and Gan for dinner at Busboys & Poets. It was a really cool place and it was soo good to see familiar faces. We had a great time and great food (Nat and I shared a grilled Brie panini. Delish!) and then everyone (minus Natalie and plus Stacy's friend/coworker Lane) hopped on the circulator and went to Georgetown. I love Georgetown (and Rach does now too!), it's so cute! Most of the shops were closing so we went down to the waterfront and looked around and of course took a million pictures. What a fabulous Friday!!

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