Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kosher Diet Coke

Cleaning. Scrubbing. Run to CVS. Cleaning. Listening to Mary's lecture. More Cleaning. Pick up food at Teaism. Go back to CVS. More cleaning. More listening. Pick up coffee at Starbuck's. Squeeze in lunch. More cleaning. And so on and so forth. This has been my day today. Mary is having a meeting with a client/lawyer tonight about a legal issue, he's also staying in Mary's guest room tonight. You know, the one that has been under construction since I started here. Well, it's still not really done yet but we had to get it all done and have everything clean today. And get the food, and drinks, and cleaning supplies and "whatever else it will take to complete the task" (Mary). By the way, the client/lawyer is an orthodox Jew. Therefore, we had to make sure everything was "kosher." Have you ever heard of kosher diet coke? Neither had we. I don't think it exists but Mary is certain it does. I haven't even left work yet and I am exhausted!! I think I'll go for some Five Guys or Cosi on the way home and then stay on the couch and watch a movie! Can't wait to get home.

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